Industrial air dryer

OP 130 air dryers from IGLOO are highly efficient, professional compact devices used to remove vapour and dry the indoor air which feature high operational effciency reaching 97% which makes tham a class of their own and makes IGLOO the leader in innovative indoor air drying systems.


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Use of air drying

Use of air drying

Adequate air drying is important not only for wellbeing of people present in the room or correct operation of machinery and equipment, but also for risk of occurrence of mould and fungi on damp surfaces and for ensuring correct technological processes in various industries.

Air dryers mean mainly climate comfort for people present in the room. Proper air temperature and humidity affects wellbeing, so thermal comfort is of utmost importance wherever people are present. It is also important in case of technological processes in various industries because many processes require a specific air temperature and humidity. In addition the dried air prevents growth of mould and fungi which can be hidden in various materials and products for many years and grow very rapidly at high humidity. Bacteria, on the other hand, can cause diseases and infections, so drying of rooms occupied by people and used for complicated industrial processes should be a priority.

Storage of materials and products also requires an appropriate ambient temperature and humidity. Loose substances at increased humidity show a tendency to cake which automatically deteriorates their quality, so when you store product susceptible to humidity it makes sense to buy a dryer for your warehouse.

Efficient air dryers are widely used in construction where water is an inherent ingredient of concrete, mortar or paints. Newly erected or painted walls often show traces of dampness for some time, preventing other construction or renovation works. Quick vapour removal speeds up the works and has a favourable impact on the strength and durability of erected structures. On top of that, it prevents the occurrence of mould and fungi and does not damage the paint coats.

High moisture content in air can also lead to physical and chemical changes in materials and products. Excess water in the ambient air is disliked by some pharmaceuticals, foods, or e.g. paper which deforms and rots under the influence of moisture. An efficient air dryer for archives or other industrial purposes will certainly protect all materials and products against destruction.