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OP 130 air dryers from IGLOO are highly efficient, professional compact devices used to remove vapour and dry the indoor air which feature high operational effciency reaching 97% which makes tham a class of their own and makes IGLOO the leader in innovative indoor air drying systems.


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Building in winter. How to fight the water marks?

Building in winter. How to fight the water marks?

Construction and renovation works are best performed in summer when the weather is fine, sun is shining, it is warm, and humidity is acceptable. However, not all can be planned for summer and sometimes you need to make renovation in winter. It all seems alright when the first cold days come, but the problems may appear with the thaw after a frigid winter. The plaster works conducted in this period often have identical results, that is a lot of water marks on the walls. What are the reasons for that and what shall we do to prevent this problem from reoccurring?

Plaster that is not drying is a common problem during indoor plastering works in winter. The reason for this is that low outdoor temperature do not facilitate the mortar setting, and in addition low indoor temperature does not facilitate drying either. When such problems occur, condensation dryers in rooms can do the trick. Place a condensation dryer in a room with a wet plaster to quickly remove excess moisture and efficiently dry all walls. Such equipment can remove from the air about 6 litres of water a day, however this depends on the dryer model and its operating temperature. Of course, the higher temperature, the better, so you need to allow some more time for the plaster to dry in winter. With regular use, you should see the effects after just one week.

If time is of essence, you can use a few dryers in a few rooms simultaneously and enhance their operation with additional heaters to increase the indoor temperature and equipment capacity. Of course, heaters are a solution only if the heating system is not in place. Remember though that heating and ventilation alone is a long process and moisture removal by this method is not fully effective.